Friday, February 6, 2009

My friend Arman

Today, I want to tell you about my Iranian friend Arman from USC. We arrived in Los Angeles at the same time 8 years ago. We enrolled in English schools and afterwards we did undergraduate degrees for 4 years then now we are on our 3rd year in graduate school. At first we were not really that closed because he has plenty of Iranian friends with him. But since we took the same major and entered the same laboratory, we just had more time to be together. 

Last year, I went to tour Iran. I got curious with his country and I told him that I want to visit. Unfortunately, Arman told me that he cannot go back to his country because of military service so he asked his parents to accommodate me during my stay in Tehran. I also toured other places like Esfahan and Kish Islands, I like the country very much. It is very different from what we always hear on news. People are nice and I was welcomed. I was very surprised that there is a very good ski site. 

After that Arman and I got closer and I really thank his family for welcoming me. I'm worried that he has not been back to his country for 8 years now and I know his parents missed him so much. His sister has just given birth to a baby boy and even though Arman would love to see his first nephew he knows that he cannot return. He may need to pay a lot of money or since he has only a single-entry student visa, maybe he cannot return to US, I  really feel sorry for him. 

Until recently, I found this website and I think it is a perfect fit for Arman's situation. I ordered a bouquet of flowers for his sister's new baby. Arman told me that his family called him a day later and they said it was a surprised to hear from me again. Arman was excited about this Parsaflora service and I told him how easy it is to use. He said that he also wants to send flowers this New Year.

Thank you very much for such a great Parsaflora. I will surely use it again.